Supported Pupils 2014


Shebby Maingaila

'I am a half orphan and my father who is still alive is not supporting me with my education.  I used to sell chickens and vegetables to raise money for school feel but all these are finished now.  Please help me with my education.'



Shebby, grade 9, in front of St. Mary's school.



Davison Muchindu

'I was born in 1998 and i live in Simwete village of St. Mary’s area.  I am a grade 7 pupil at St. Mary’s primary school.  I stay with my grandmother who struggles to send me to school.'

Davison and his grandmother in front of their house.


Davison in front of the school. 


Delphine Chimbwe

'My name is Delphine Chimbwe.  I am 17 years old and in grade 9 at St, Mary’s primary school.  My mother passed away when i was 2 and my father when i was 3.  now i stay with my grandmother who is old and sick.  Because of her condition, she is unable to raise money for my school fees.  Before you paid for my school fees, i missed classes because i was chased from school.'








Bright Malambo

'I was born in 1999 and i started school in 2008.  both my parents are dead and now i stay with my uncle who fails to pay my school fees as he depends only on farming.'







A group picture showing 13 of the supported pupils, a teacher (left) and a parish priest (right).