Only about 20 €/K90.00 are needed for one child to visit school for one year1.

You can support us by donating the schoolfees of 20 €/K90.00 for one child per school year1. Of course you may give 40, 60, ... €. We very much appreciate your help and so do the pupils of the young generation of Zambians. Twalumba kapati!

Below we state details about how to donate and how exactly we have calculated the amout in need.

in Germany

The catholic student parish of Aachen, Germany (KHG Aachen) is the organizing institution of the project Schulfee-Zambia. Please transfer your donation to their bank account:

Katholische Hochschulgemeinde Aachen
Pax-Bank Aachen

IBAN: DE37 3706 0193 1003 9280 19
Subject/Betreff: Schulfee

In case a donation receipt is requested, KHG Aachen can easily send one to you (50 € and above) at the end of the year.


We are giving our best to make this project as transparent as possible. We assure you that the donated money will be used in full and only to support the children by means explained here. Furthermore the Development Department is publishing a report every year showing which children we have helped and how they were supported.
Our project is not about a sponsorship of a single child. The donations are collected and transfer to the Development Department, which is going to pay for the school fees directly (check here).

1Why 20 €?

This value represents an estimate (the exchange rate Euro-KWA may vary) of the schoolfees due for one pupil of grade 7 at St. Mary's school (cf. table below). We also take into account the demand for school uniform, pencils and books.
If you donate 20 € this does not necessarily mean that one child of grades 1 to 7 is being sponsored. We will also combine several donations so that a pupil of grade 9 may be supported or even the Monze High boarding school receives new pupils.

At the beginning of the project we focus on schoolfees. Of course we will do our best to cover uniforms and pencils as well. In everything we will work together with our experienced Zambian partner, the Development Department of Monze. As a key point there will be no cash handed out to children or their families.
We all hope that this project will succesfully carry on in the next years and we will work on improving and extending our support in Zambia.  You will find reports in our news section.

Further information can be found here.

School Fees per Year

Grades 1-7

Grades 8-9

Grades 10-12

Exam Fee

St. Mary’s basic school

13 €

64 €

- 5 €/14 €

Monze High (day)


220 €

220 €  
Monze High (boarding) -  386 € 386 €