Development Department of the Monze Diocese


Create an empowered, dignified and sustainable society, free of affliction, ignorance, hunger and any kind of inequity.


Our experienced partner in Zambia is the Diocesan Development Department of the Diocese of Monze. It has beend founded in 1965 to support the development of the people of the Southern Province.

The catholic diocese of Monze in the Southern Province consists of 22 parishes on an area of the size of Ireland.

The working areas of the Development Department include:

  • Sustainable agriculture and support underdeveloped areas
    Providing water to rural areas
    Educate unemployed youth to become a tailor, carpenter, brick layer, metal processer, ...
    Encourage women to start a job
    Support and help HIV patients
    Supporting intercultural exchange
    Providing micro credits to rural villages
    Projects within the society