How it works

Schulfee: a German play on words meaning 'school fairy'

This project aims to pay the school fees of Zambian children in need. We do start by targeting two schools in the Southern Province. One is the 'St. Marys basic school' near Monze and the other one is the boarding school 'Monze High'. The aforementioned 20 €/K90.00 are based on the lowest school fee (cf. page on donations). Since higher rates apply for higher grades we are going to combine donations to be able to bring a child through the whole basic education to make it a sustainable support.

In Zambia

The officials of the contributing schools and the priests of the local parishes are going to propose children out of the society who are in need of support.

Followed by this, the children are asked to write a short application. Naturally those unable to write will be supported in doing so. In this application they have to point out their situation, e.g. by showing their family background and their parents employment status to make sure the support gets to the right people. In the next step the priest or the school teachers are sending an proposal to the Development Department of the diocese of Monze where it will be checked once more.

This strategy gives us confidence that the donation really gets to the children who need the support most. Moreover the children also have to put effort into the project so they do not regard the support as a mere gift and feel rewarded and encouraged by finally getting it.

We are already looking forward to receive the first report of the Development Office on the those children who receive a new chance throughout the 'Schulfee'.



Donations in Zambia

Zambian participants of the 2013 summer school are collecting donations in Zambia.

Donations in Germany

Donations are being collected on the bank account of the catholic student parish of Aachen, KHG Aachen, and transfered to the Development Department of Monze. All due bank fees are being handled by KHG Aachen.

More Detail

The Development Department of Monze has compiled a detailed project concept which is available for download below.



1. Project Guidelines, Diocesan Development Department of the Diocese of Monze (pdf)